US-Australia Partnership in Emerging Asia

In collaboration with the United States Studies Centre, the Perth USAsia Centre will promote cross-sectoral discussions with a focus on structural changes in the US–Australia Alliance. This is conducted through various forums including the G’Day USA program of events. The Centre sponsors G’Day USA, which is the premier public and economic diplomacy program promoting Australian capabilities in the US.


G'Day USA is the most important public diplomacy program promoting Australian capabilities in the US. Over a decade of success has built G'Day USA into the premier brand for Australian engagement in the USA.

Bringing together industry leaders and key influencers in government, business, tourism, academia and the arts to successfully cultivate and enhanced the Australia-US relationship.

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Australia will remain the staunchest of ally and friend, working closely with the United States to build on the peace and prosperity that many nations in our region have worked hard to achieve.

The Hon Julie Bishop
Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs


Australia’s geographic location in the heart of Asia and its history as a Commonwealth nation has resulted in unique linkages to and perspectives on the Indo-Pacific region. Across the spectrum of trade, investment and foreign policy Australia plays an important role in the Indo-Pacific.

A pillar of G’Day USA’s policy program, the G’Day USA US-Australia Dialogue on Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific was held in partnership with the United States Studies Centre and the Perth USAsia Centre on 26 January, 2017. Bringing together some of the US and Australia’s leading foreign policy and US-Australia Alliance experts, the day-long program featured a roundtable discussion, keynote address by Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs the Hon Julie Bishop MP and a panel discussion for an audience of more than 150 guests.

The Hon Julie Bishop MP delivered a keynote address at the G'Day USA US-Australia Dialogue on Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.

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Trumping trade: Understanding the Australia-united states economic relationship

In March 2017 Ian Satchwell, Senior Fellow, published Trumping Trade: Understanding the Australia-United States Economic Relationship. Launched at the Centre's 2017 launch event, this report discusses the comprehensive Australia-US economic relationship and underlines the critical need for closer understanding of the complex interaction.

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