Understanding Australia: a sprint class

Sprint Class Overview

The ‘sprint’ class series is developed and delivered by the Perth USAsia Centre team in an intentionally accessible and ‘bite sized’ format.  The course is designed for learners across the Indo-Pacific who have an interest in gaining an insight into Australia’s foreign policy. It specifically addresses Australia’s cultural and historical context, the international focus of Australia of today, and how Australia aims to play a leading global role in the future.

By the end of this sprint class, participants should be able to:
1. Appreciate the cultural and historical context of Australia’s role in the Indo-Pacific region

2. Understand Australia’s government structures, economic settings, and international outlook

3. Identify how Australia aims to lead and collaborate on key issues in the Indo-Pacific  
Aimed at early- to mid-career professionals in business, government and education sectors overseas seeking to upskill in knowledge relating to Australia’s interests in the Indo-Pacific. It is intended that we offer the course in a range of languages and for target countries with these being rolled out throughout 2024.

Upon successful completion of this masterclass, you’ll receive:

  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • Access to the Perth USAsia Centre alumni network

Delivery mode:  Fully online

Duration: Self Paced (complete within 3 months)

Total effort:  1.5 hours 

  • 3 x sessions of class content each made up of videos, podcasts, articles, reports and commentary.
  • Final assessment via quiz 

Academic Lead: Dr. Lisa Cluett

Cost: $199 + GST

Available in 2024

1.5 Hours | Fully OnlineAvailable in 2024

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