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Admissions are open for our popular micro-credential course in 2024.

This course is developed and delivered by the Perth USAsia Centre. Participants gain and understanding of the Indo-Pacific region and Australia’s strategic connections to Asia. Content covers regionalism, geopolitics, economics, security and Australia’s relationships with the USA, China, India, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

By completing the course, participants will:

1. Understand Australia’s contemporary strategic and economic role in the Indo-Pacific Region.

2. Evaluate the key trends shaping the Indo-Pacific region and its future.

3. Analyse the strategic and economic pathways for Australia to diversify its regional relationships.

The course is aimed at early to mid-career professionals in Australia’s business, government and education sectors who are seeking to upskill in knowledge relating to the Indo-Pacific. It is useful for those moving into or advancing in roles that require Asia-related knowledge.

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