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Upcoming Events

Japan Symposium 2020

Join us Feb 18 for the third annual iteration of a forum for policymakers, business and academic leaders to discuss issues of shared concern in the Indo-Pacific.

A New Platform for Deepening Economic Ties: IA-CEPA

This special report by Dr Poppy S. Winanti and Kyle Springer discusses the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

Charting WA’s Future with ASEAN: The WA-ASEAN Trade And Investment Dialogue 2019

Opportunities for WA to build deeper services, investment and people-to-people relationships in Asia are no more pertinent than with and across the diverse Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region.

India’s RCEP Exit A Setback, But Not A Disaster

With an India–China deadlock out of the way, the path is clear to finalise the historic regional trade agreement. Research Director Dr Jeffrey Wilson writes for The Interpreter and spoke with ABC on the topic.

2019 Non-resident Fellows

Meet our new non-resident fellows Dr Rebecca Strating, Dr Priya Chacko, Dr Danielle Chubb and Dr Poppy S. Winanti. We’re proud to be welcoming these distinguished women to the Centre and look forward to their valuable contributions.

Building Bridges: Navigating Indonesia's Infrastructure Choices

Kyle Springer explores Indonesia's need to coordinate integrated infrastructure projects that solve its intra-island, inter-island, and international connectivity gaps.
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