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This Perth USAsia Centre Special Report examines Japan’s role in the evolving Indo-Pacific regional order. This report brings together a diverse mix of authors with a variety of perspectives to offer analysis of the opportunities and challenges facing Japan’s economic, security, and diplomatic role in the Indo-Pacific.
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Should India be in the APEC?

The first meeting of APEC was held in November 1989, ten months after then-Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke called for its formation to help ease pressures on the international trading system.
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In The Zone - Critical Materials

In The Zone 2019 - Critical Minerals: Securing Indo-Pacific Technology Futures will examine importance of critical materials for modern telecommunication, science, defence and digital networks.

India in APEC: Views from the Indo-Pacific

Views from Australia, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam on the potential inclusion of India in APEC

2019 Non-resident Fellows

Meet our new non-resident fellows Dr Rebecca Strating, Dr Priya Chacko, Dr Danielle Chubb and Dr Poppy S. Winanti. We’re proud to be welcoming these distinguished women to the Centre and look forward to their valuable contributions.

Building Bridges: Navigating Indonesia's Infrastructure Choices

Kyle Springer explores Indonesia's need to coordinate integrated infrastructure projects that solve its intra-island, inter-island, and international connectivity gaps.
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