Next Generation Regional Perspectives on the US-Australia Alliance in the Indo-Pacific

With support from the US State Department the Perth USAsia Centre’s Next Generation Regional Perspectives on the US-Australia Alliance in the Indo-Pacific program has brought together five representatives from across the Indo-Pacific region to provide their perspectives from Vietnam, South Korea, India, Indonesia and First Nations Australia. 

The program has three objectives: to highlight emerging Indo-Pacific leaders’ perspectives on US and Australian engagement in the Indo-Pacific; to share Australian and US perspectives on the region; and to further understanding of how Indo-Pacific countries, Australia and the US can best collaborate. 

This three part program will produce an alumni network of ‘alliance ambassadors’ who will return to their home countries and disseminate new policy ideas and enhanced understanding of the region. The first leg of the program saw the group travel to Washington, DC to meet with officials in the White House and Capitol Hill, policymakers, journalists, diplomats, scholars and think tanks.

Parts two and three of the program will commence later in 2024 with the group travelling to Perth, and providing written reflections on their learnings about the Alliance and the impacts and importance from their unique regional perspective.

Funding provided by
the United States Government.

Program Delegates

Professor Jina Kim
South Korea

Dean of Language and Diplomacy Division, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies 

Shruti Pandalai

Associate Fellow, Manohar Parrikar Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses 

Allan Sarago-Ah Kee

Analyst, Abt Global
First Nations Fellow

Hangga Fathana

Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations, Universitas Islam Indonesia 

Dr Dan Linh Nguyen

Lecturer, Hanoi University of Science and Technology 

The Next Generation Regional Perspectives on the US-Australia Alliance in the Indo-Pacific program, hosted by The Perth USAsia Centre, provided an invaluable platform to engage with influential voices across government, think tanks, and media in Washington DC. Through diverse perspectives, it illuminated the evolving dynamics of the US-Australia alliance in the Indo-Pacific, highlighting the critical need for enhanced economic engagement alongside political ties for sustainable peace and collaboration in the region. Thank you to The Perth USAsia Centre for facilitating such enriching discussions

Hangga Fathana
Program Delegate – Indonesia

2024 Washington DC Program
Tour of George Washington’s Estate in Mount Vernon.

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