Young Voters and the Future of Democracy Post-2024 Indonesian Elections

By Ella Prihatini

In this Indo-Pacific Analysis Brief, Perth USAsia Centre Indo-Pacific Fellow, Dr Ella Prihatini, explores the role young voters will play in the future of democracy post-2024 Indonesian elections.

Key Messages:

  • Young voters will determine the outcome of Indonesia’s 2024 presidential election – 60 per cent of voters are millennials (born 1981-1996) and generation Z (born 1997-2012)
  • Despite making up a large portion of Indonesia’s population, young Indonesians have little political representation
  • Fed up with corruption and a lack of government accountability, young Indonesians are taking to social media (particularly TikTok) to vent their dissatisfaction
  • Social media is proving to be an important tool for young Indonesians to push back against government corruption and hold leaders accountable

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