Realising the Indo-Pacific: Tasks for India’s Regional Integration

By Professor Gordon Flake et al.

Launched in New Delhi, India on 4 September 2017,¬†Realising The Indo-Pacific: Tasks for India’s Regional Integration¬†brings together emerging scholars from Australia and India to explore India’s regional integration into the Indo-Pacific. As the concept of the ‘Indo-Pacific’ region has increasingly gained momentum, there remains many opportunities and challenges for India to regionally integrate and realise the concept of the Indo-Pacific.

The contributing authors to this publication include Professor Stephen Smith (Perth USAsia Centre), Natalie Sambhi (Perth USAsia Centre), Dr Jeffrey Wilson (Perth USAsia Centre), Dhruva Jaishankar (Brookings India), Darshana Baruah (Carnegie India), David Lang (formerly Australian Strategic Policy Institute), Ananth Padmanabhan (Carnegie India) and Shashank Reddy (Carnegie India).

Note: Conclusions are derived independently and authors represent their own view rather than an institutional one.

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