North Korea’s Challenge to the Rules-Based Order: An Australian Perspective

By Professor Gordon Flake

In this Indo-Pacific Analysis Brief, Perth USAsia Centre CEO Gordon Flake explores North Korea’s challenge to the international rules-based order from an Australian perspective.

Key Messages:

  • North Korea’s nuclear program remains a significant security threat to the region and beyond. Equally concerning is the threat the state poses to the rules-based order.
  • Accepting North Korea’s flouting of internationally agreed rules and norms on nuclear non proliferation opens the door for other states to ignore the rules-based order, whether that be on trade, global health security, or sovereignty of another nation.
  • Except for the US, no country outside Northeast Asia has been more consistently vocal and proactive in responding to the challenges posed by North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs than Australia. Canberra should continue to play an active role in international discussions on this issue.​

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