Japan – a Leader of Quality Infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific

By Krystal Hartig

– The ability of the Indo-Pacific region to continue on its current growth trajectory is dependent upon its ability to meet increasing development demand and close the existing infrastructure gap.

– The Partnership for Quality Infrastructure (PQI) is the contemporary evolution of Japan’s experience providing overseas development assistance focussed on infrastructure and connectivity projects.

– Japan’s concept of “quality infrastructure” comprises economic efficiency, inclusiveness, safety and resilience, sustainability, convenience and amenities.

– The enhanced prosperity of the Indo-Pacific is best served by cooperative efforts of countries throughout the region and a shift in rhetoric away from competition, towards the complementary nature of existing initiatives.

– Japanese leadership in quality infrastructure offers opportunities for the Indo-Pacific region. Developing new infrastructure partnerships between Japan and both recipient and donor countries – will play an important role in broadening the knowledge and financial base behind regional efforts to close infrastructure gaps.

This report is authored by Krystal Hartig which was developed during her time as a Research and Program Assistant at the Perth USAsia Centre.

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