Embracing the Indo-Pacific? South Korea’s progress towards a regional strategy

By Kyle Springer, Tomoo Kikuchi, Jaehyon Lee, Sandip Kumar Mishra, Chu Minh Thao, Scott Snyder, Duyeon Kim and Professor Gordon Flake

In recent years, Korea and Australia have increased their economic engagement and their investment partnership has expanded. This has paved the way for closer business-to-business ties. Korean firms now view Australia as a reliable partner and their successful partnerships have encouraged Australian mining and energy companies to adopt an increasingly global outlook. Taking the next step in strengthening Australia-Korea business and government ties necessitates a closer examination of how they can work together within the Indo-Pacific region in which they are both situated.

This special report, edited by Kyle Springer, reveals Korea’s successful economic integration with Australia’s near neighbours in Southeast Asia and also its efforts with India. Korea’s intensified business and diplomatic activity in countries like Vietnam and Indonesia are welcome developments for Australia. The report also offers regional perspectives on Korean diplomatic and economic outreach, underscoring its positive contribution to economic development. 


Executive Summary

  • Written by Peter Coleman; Kyle Springer

Chapter 1: South Korea’s Economic Outreach in the Indo-Pacific

  • Written by Tomoo Kikuchi

Chapter 2: South Korea’s New Southern Policy and the US FOIP: Convergence or Competition?

  • Writtten by Jaehyon Lee

Chapter 3: Taking Stock of South Korea-India Bilateral Relations

  • Written by Sandip Kumar Mishra 

Chapter 4: South Korea’s engagement with the Indo-Pacific region: Vietnam’s Perspective

  • Written by Chu Minh Thao

Chapter 5: Implications of the U.S. Indo- Pacific Strategy for South Korea 

  • Written by Scott A. Snyder

Chapter 6: Indo-Pacific Views of Korean Peninsular Security

  • Written by Duyeon Kim

Chapter 7: From Peers to Partners: the Challenge for Australia-Republic of Korea Relations

  • Written by Gordon Flake  

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