Perth USAsia Centre Celebrates 10 Years of Indo-Pacific Strategy Leadership

The Centre was established in Perth in 2013 to capitalise on the wealth of strategic thinkers based in Western Australia, providing a place for leading original research and international engagement. Since June 3, 2013, the Centre has published over 350 research reports and articles and hosted over 750 events in 25 cities across 10 countries, engaging a world-class strategic affairs community of over 27,000 people.

“I am enormously proud of the Centre’s achievements over the past 10 years, from the impact that we’ve had on national foreign policy development, to the interest in Australia that we’ve generated throughout the Indo-Pacific,” said Professor Gordon Flake, CEO of the Perth USAsia Centre.

To mark the anniversary, the Perth USAsia Centre is launching a range of activities including a new mentorship program and microcredential scholarships to bespoke content featuring thought leaders and strategic thinkers who will reflect on the past 10 years in the Indo-Pacific and look ahead to its future. Celebrations will conclude with a flagship event in November that brings together leading insights from across the Indo-Pacific.

Since its inception Centre has made significant contributions across Australia and throughout the region:

Helped build and strengthen a local community in Western Australia that has a vested interest in engaging with key partners in the Indo-Pacific such as Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Raised the importance of Western Australia in the Australian national decision-making process.
Dramatically increased both the profile of Australia and helped build a significant international affairs community in the region that is interested in and understanding of Australia’s role in the Indo-Pacific.

“From day one the Centre made its mark by advocating that Asia and the Indo-Pacific were important to Australia,” said the Hon Kim Beazley, Chair of the Centre’s Board of Directors. “Today there is significant attention paid to engaging Australia’s regional partners, and a vibrant community with deep interest in the Indo-Pacific region. That didn’t exist before.”

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