15 Minutes in Canberra

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in foreign policy? Canberra is buzzing with seasoned foreign affairs and strategic policy experts, but for newcomers and mid-tier professionals, the ‘Canberra bubble’ can be tricky to navigate.

Join host Hayley Channer on the ground as she speaks with colleagues from government, academia, and the private sector, to bring you their unique policy insights and career advice in a neat 15 minutes.  

Based in Canberra, Australia, Hayley Channer is a Senior Policy Fellow at the Perth USAsia Centre.

Should Japan be a member of AUKUS?

Amid worsening strategic circumstances, leaders including the late Abe Shinzo have led the charge for Japan to increase its national and collective defence abilities. Given Japan’s closeness with Australia and the US, it has been suggested that Japan might join the AUKUS arrangement. So, what is stopping Japan from joining AUKUS? Hayley Channer asks Kei Koga, Japan Fellow at the Wilson Centre and Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

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