Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Dr Michael J. Green

Professor Gordon Flake spoke with United States Studies Centre CEO, Dr. Michael J. Green, on Thursday 29 September.

In their wide-ranging discussion, Dr Green – a world-renowned Indo-Pacific specialist – covered the Australia-America alliance, touched on what’s next on the agenda for Washington, DC, and highlighted the growing sense of uncertainty surrounding the United States’ upcoming mid-term elections.

Dr Green underscored that the US-Australia alliance was humming with activity. He noted that there was a lot on the agenda for Washington, and that many of the US Government’s activities would be shaped in Australia and Japan, and with close Indo-Pacific allies.

He said there had been a very powerful trajectory in American strategic thinking, in which there was strong support of engagement in both the Indo-Pacific region, and support for alliances in Asia.

A key takeaway from the conversation was the observation of more continuity between governments, bi-partisanship alliances and trade with the Indo-Pacific region than ever before. The Indo-Pacific concept was highlighted as a useful strategic frame, and the need to continuously look at opportunities to strengthen Australia’s relationships with the US and key partners throughout the region was supported.

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