Adapting Australia to an Era of Geoeconomic Competition

Geoeconomic contests pose a major new challenge to Australia’s national interests. Trade warfare, strategic investment races and competitive multilateralism have seen economics become a domain in which great power rivalries are fought. As a medium-sized, open and trade dependent economy, Australia is especially exposed to both economic and security risks associated with geoeconomics. How can Australia adapt its policy settings for the era of geoeconomic competition?

The Perth USAsia Centre is pleased to collaborate with the ANU National Security College for the national launch of Adapting Australia to an Era of Geoeconomic Competition. Authored by Dr Jeffrey Wilson, this policy report explores the origin of the geoeconomic contests, analyses the domains in which Australia is exposed to new security risks, and considers how Australia can adapt its foreign policy settings to manage the geoeconomic environment of the 21st century.

The event featured a launch of the report and a discussion of its findings with Dr Jeffrey Wilson and ANU Professor Anthea Roberts, followed by Q&A with the audience and an introduction to the growing agenda of ANU research in this field.

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