US Election – one year out

On Wednesday 8 November 2023 the Perth USAsia Centre hosted a business briefing on the US Presidential Election featuring an in-conversation with Sky News presenter Ashleigh Gillon and Perth USAsia Centre CEO Gordon Flake.

Americans will head to the polls in one year’s time – on 5 November 2024. While there are still twelve months before the big day, unofficial campaigning is already heating up.

Everyone is watching to see who the Republicans will pick as their candidate – whether it be former President Trump, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis or former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Likewise, discussion continues about whether current President Biden will run again, or whether another Democrat will be put forward.

The election comes after nearly a decade of political upheaval – and at a high point of Australia-US cooperation under the Alliance. America’s choice of president will speak to the US’s identity as a nation, and will have profound implications for Australia.

Ashleigh Gillon, a seasoned Sky News Presenter, has a rich and diverse career in journalism. Early in her journey, she honed her skills at a radio station in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, before joining Sky News Australia in 2004, where she began as a producer.

In recognition of her exceptional talent and dedication, Ashleigh received the Wallace Brown Award in 2011, a prestigious honour for young journalists in the Canberra Press Gallery. Her outstanding performance as a broadcast journalist was also celebrated with an ASTRA Award.

Ashleigh’s career at Sky News has been marked by her versatile contributions. She was a prominent member of the Sky News Canberra bureau, where she hosted “Lunchtime Agenda” and later transitioned to Perth to anchor rolling afternoon news. Throughout her career, Ashleigh Gillon has consistently delivered insightful reporting, earning trust and respect among her peers and viewers. Her commitment to accuracy and her remarkable ability to connect with audiences make her a trusted voice in the world of news broadcasting

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