Roundtable with US Consul-General Siriana Nair

On Tuesday 20 October, 2022, the Perth USAsia Centre hosted Siriana Nair, US Consul General in Perth for a roundtable discussion.

As Australia’s alliance with the United States continues to go from strength to strength, Western Australia plays a significant role in a broad agenda of cooperation between the two countries. With a continued focus on AUKUS, the Quad, and the significant appointment of Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, the Biden Administration has highlighted the critical importance of Australia as an Indo-Pacific partner.

For Western Australia, our unique geographic positioning, endowment of critical minerals, other raw materials, defence industry capabilities, and an innovative private sector bring valuable areas for cooperation to the alliance.

Conversation highlighted WA as the epicentre of emerging technology and innovation. The road towards future renewable energy runs though WA, as countries prioritise clean energy and secure critical minerals supply chains, the state will serve as the intersection for shared Indo-Pacific strategic objectives.

Perth is the farthest city on land from Washington DC, but the strategic and economic importance of Western Australia should not be dismissed by policymakers in the US.

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