Roundtable with Professor Gordon Flake

On Thursday, 28th October 2021 the Perth USAsia Centre hosted a private roundtable briefing with CEO Professor Gordon Flake. Held under Chatham House rule, the event was attended by senior representatives from government, business and academia.

Recent months have seen a whirlwind of historic developments in the Indo-Pacific region. The first in-person Quad meeting, the announcement of the new AUKUS security pact and the recent AUSMIN meeting all demonstrate heightened attention towards the rapidly changing security environment in the Indo-Pacific. As the region evolves, Australia is doubling down on existing alliances and expanding its cooperation with regional partners to form a comprehensive approach to regional issues.

Having recently been in Washington DC for these significant events, Professor Flake shared insights from his firsthand experience on the ground with policymakers involved in these developments. Discussion at the roundtable assessed the Indo-Pacific strategic and economic environment and analysed Western Australia’s important role in the region going forward.

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