Roundtable with the Hon Lisa Singh

On Wednesday, 28 June 2023 the Perth USAsia Centre hosted the Honourable Lisa Singh, CEO of the Australia India Institute for a roundtable discussion.

Seventy-five years on from its independence India has become a major global player, and an important partner for Australia in the context of increasing geopolitical uncertainty in the Indo-Pacific.

Australia’s relationship with India is on a strong upward trajectory. The India-Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement, cooperation through the Quad, Australia’s hosting of the Malabar naval exercise in 2023, and Prime Minister’s Modi’s recent visit to Australia are amongst the many examples of breadth of the relationship.

But there is still room for Australia-India cooperation to grow –particularly in advancing shared security interests in the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Australia will also have an important role to play helping India develop its renewable energy capacity, and in meeting the education needs of India’s large youthful population.

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