Roundtable with Ambassador Markus Ederer

On Monday 27 February 2023, the Perth USAsia Centre hosted Dr Markus Ederer, Ambassador of Germany to Australia, for a roundtable discussion at The University of Western Australia, attended by key leaders from government, business and academia.
In recent years, European countries have increased their engagement in the Indo-Pacific to preserve multilateral and rules-based approaches to regional and global order. Germany has been at the forefront of these efforts, publishing its Policy Guidelines for the Indo-Pacific in 2020.

As strategic competition in the region intensifies, Germany is committed to playing a role in shaping regional order and building deeper relationships with partners. With a distinguished career as a diplomat for both Germany and the European Union, Dr Ederer discussed geopolitical and geoeconomic developments in the Indo-Pacific, including regional approaches to China.

Germany is an economic powerhouse with a significant role to play in the clean energy transition. Germany aims to achieve net zero by 2045 – international cooperation on secure and resilient supply chains will be essential for Germany to achieve its target and contribute to renewable energy in the Indo-Pacific. 

Australia and Germany enjoy a strong relationship with cooperation built upon reciprocating areas of core interest. Australia has proven to be a strong partner in Europe with its continued support for Ukraine, while Germany has increased its presence in the Pacific Islands – a priority area for Australia as its immediate neighbours are threatened by climate change and Chinese influence expands in the region.
Immediately prior to his appointment in Australia, Dr Ederer was the Ambassador of the European Union to Russia. In his remarks, Dr Ederer emphasised the importance of continued international support for Ukraine in the face of Russian invasion and reiterated praise for Australia in its contributions towards efforts to defend Ukraine.

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