Roundtable with Nicholas Moore

On Monday, 24 July 2023, the Perth USAsia Centre was honoured to host a roundtable discussion with Nicholas Moore, Australia’s Special Envoy for Southeast Asia.

Mr Moore is leading development of the Australian Government’s Southeast Asian Economic Strategy to 2040.

The new document will map trade and investment opportunities for Australia with rapidly developing Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states.

Participants noted that Australian trade and investment with Southeast Asia had stagnated in recent years, despite the region’s abundant opportunities in sectors such as resources and energy, manufacturing, technology, and education.

The Strategy will identify ways of increasing Australian awareness of Southeast Asia as a market, removing points of friction for market entry, and priorities for working with Southeast Asia to build Asian capacity. Its recommendations to the Commonwealth Government – expected in September – will draw directly on the insights provided by business, state and local government, and the broader community.

Mr Moore was appointed as Special Envoy in November 2022. He is a former Chief Executive Officer of Macquarie Group and chair of numerous Australian institutions.Past event summary

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