Panel Discussion: North Korea and Nuclear Security

Wednesday 27 March 2024

On Wednesday March 27 2024, the Perth USAsia Centre hosted a public ‘in-conversation’ discussion on North Korea and nuclear security between Professor Gordon Flake, Professor Rüdiger Frank and Jasmin Diab CSC.

In 2024, North Korea’s actions are once again making waves across the region. In recent months it has concluded a weapons agreement with Russia, conducted cruise missile and underwater attack drone tests, closed embassies, and most significantly, removed reunification with South Korea as a goal from its constitution. These shifts in North Korea’s strategic outlook have once again renewed fears of regional conflict.

However, it is difficult to fully understand the underlying strategic objectives of the infamously hermetic North Korean state. North Korean specialist Professor Rüdiger Frank and nuclear security specialist Jasmin Diab helped unpack this complex environment through our expert discussion.

Of particular focus was North Korea’s refusal to participate in the rules-based order and its disruption of the nuclear status quo. With perspectives from both Europe and Australia, the audience gained a global understanding of North Korea’s threats to nuclear non-proliferation and its impact on our own security strategy.

Amid uncertainty over the non-proliferation regime, Australia should maintain its active advocacy for non-proliferation and the robust oversight of nuclear technology in our region.


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