Beyond Delhi: Australia India Collaboration in METS

The Indian state of West Bengal is ideally positioned in the country’s north-eastern region, which has been recognised as a unique geostrategic location for Australian engagement. The new Australian consulate in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, will facilitate and enhance Australia’s trade and investment interests in the region, providing new and unique market opportunities.

Australia’s economic links with West Bengal and neighbouring states are substantial and expanding, particularly in the mining equipment, technology and services sectors. Australian expertise in METS is being deployed to build efficiency in India’s mining operations in areas such as coal value chain and beneficiation, R&D collaboration, mining IT, planning software, mine safety, health and risk management.

Following a recent pledge by the Australian government to invest $4.8 million to improve METS access in South Asian markets.

On 27 July 2022 we discussed India’s north-eastern region and unpacked how Australian businesses can capitalise on its METS opportunities.

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