Australia Investment in East Java

Western Australia and East Java have built over thirty years of sister-state relations spanning across various sectors.

However, Australia at large has lagged far behind as a foreign investor, with current top investors in East Java being Singapore, Japan, Korea and the U.S.

Given East Java’s economic significance as the second largest contributor to Indonesia’s economy, there are opportunities for East Java and Western Australia to leverage the sister-state relationship to strengthen trade and investment ties.

East Java has a lot to offer West Australian investors: it is home to 40 million people; there is a high rate of industrialisation (East Java produces more than 25% of Indonesia’s manufacturing output); it is located in close proximity to WA; and there is a major port in Surabaya. The province is an ideal partner for WA as it seeks to diversify its economic relations.

On the 27th April 2021, Vice Governor Emil Dardak joined us to discuss what can be done to realise the full potential of this relationship, particularly in infrastructure, governance and development.

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