2020 WA-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue

The Western Australia-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue is an annual international engagement initiative of the Western Australian Government, delivered by the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation, in partnership with the Perth USAsia Centre. The dialogue enables the Western Australian Government and business community to build stronger relationships with influential government, business and community leaders across the dynamic communities and markets of Southeast Asia.

There is significant potential for new economic partnerships between Western Australia and Southeast Asia. Shared geography links the state with its northern neighbours, while economic complementarity supports economic partnerships. There are particular opportunities in services and technology sectors where Western Australian capabilities are well matched to regional needs. However, the potential for these trade and investment partnerships requires strong connectivity between the state and its Southeast Asian neighbours. Connectivity is central to this capacity-building endeavour. Defined as the strength of international ties – across infrastructural, technological and people-to-people (P2P) domains – connectivity is a key enabler of economic links.

The purpose of the annual Dialogue is to help strengthen economic and institutional understanding between WA and Southeast Asian countries, showcase complementary opportunities for trade and investment growth and enhance economic ties. In 2020, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have only hastened the need for WA to build closer economic and business relations with key markets in Southeast Asia. Developing stronger trade and investment links with large and emerging Southeast Asian markets is not a future pursuit, but an immediate WA business and economic imperative.

With both WA and Southeast Asia beginning to focus on post-COVID-19 economic and business recovery opportunities, as well as the need to strengthen supply chains with secure and reliable trading partners, the theme of this year’s Dialogue is WA and ASEAN: A Shared Economic Recovery. This year’s Dialogue, held from 16-20 November, will take the form of daily online live presentations and panel discussions. The Dialogue will be broadcast live from Perth into Southeast Asian countries, featuring established and emerging business leaders, policymakers and economists from both WA and Southeast Asia.

Of priority focus during the 2020 Dialogue will be driving new industry development, building secure and reliable agribusiness and energy partnerships, unlocking business investment opportunities, and planning today for tomorrow’s people-people and business-business reconnections.

Mon 16 Nov
WA-ASEAN Economic Partnerships and post-COVID recovery
Tue 17 Nov
Australia’s Abundance and ASEAN’s Demands (agribusiness)
Wed 18 Nov
21st Century Energy and Resource Needs
Thu 19 Nov
Unlocking Investment Opportunities
Fri 20 Nov
Engaging and Reconnection with ASEAN post-COVID


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