2019 WA Indo-Pacific Defence Conference

Monday 12 August 2019

The 2019 Western Australian Indo-Pacific Defence Conference showcased Western Australia’s deep connection with the Australian Defence Force and our determination to play a key part in building a world class, sovereign defence industry.

The state is home to the Navy’s largest base, the Army’s premier Special Forces unit and the Air Forces’ pilot training school. These people and assets are supported by an advanced manufacturing sector with an internationally recognised reputation for quality.

Much of our defence industry capability has been forged in the demanding offshore oil and gas and mining sectors and is readily adapted to meeting the needs of defence.

Our state agency, Defence West, is making good progress in promoting Western Australia’s industry to the world. At the 2018 conference we launched the Western Australian Defence and Defence Industries Strategic Plan and this year we can report good progress on delivering its key objectives.

The success of the 2018 inaugural conference and the strong local and international interest in the 2019 event bodes well for the future.

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