‘Beyond Utopia’, Beyond Wishes By Professor Gordon Flake On 27 March 2024, the Perth USAsia Centre hosted a public ‘in-conversation’ on North Korea. I was honoured to join Professor Rüdiger Frank of the University of Vienna, founder of the European Centre for North Korean Studies, and Jasmin Diab CSC, President of Women in Nuclear Australia […]

Failing to seize the moment European policymakers are currently not leveraging the full potential of the EU-ASEAN partnership. They should learn from Australia’s approach. This article by Dr Pia Dannhauer was originally published by International Politics and Society (IPS) Journal on 15 March 2024. In early March, Australia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations […]

Research Director Dr Kate O’Shaughnessy facilitated a fireside chat between Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong and her Indian counterpart Dr S Jaishankar. Concurrently, First Nations Foreign Policy Fellow Sarah Leary moderated a ministerial lunch focused on sharing First Nations knowledge and culture. The event was attended by approximately 35 heads of state, heads of […]

Understanding trends in space activity and their impact on the Indo-Pacific By Renae Sayers When we look up to the sky and take a moment to breathe in the night, we see those pin-pricks of light dotting the dark, urging us to wonder. I used to wonder about which pin-pricks of light were far-off galaxies, […]

China’s Western Indian Ocean Step Up By Dr Kate O’Shaughnessy This article was originally published under a Creative Commons Licence by the Australian Institute of International Affairs on 16 October 2023. In the last decade, China’s been steadily increasing its presence in the western Indian Ocean. That worries India and France, and has the potential […]

The UK’s Indo-Pacific ‘Tilt’ is good for Australia and India ties By the Honourable Lisa Singh, University of Melbourne and Professor Gordon Flake, Perth USAsia Centre. This article was originally published in ‘Pursuit’ by the University of Melbourne on 11 December 2023. Despite the increasing closeness of the Australia-India relationship, witnessed again most recently at the Second […]

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