An insecure future: Climate change-related disaster management in the Indo-Pacific By Kate Clayton The Indo-Pacific is the most climate-affected region on the planet. It is home to the world’s fastest-sinking city (Jakarta) and country (Kiribati), and the World Bank estimates that by 2050 the Indo-Pacific will have up to 90 million climate refugees. By 2033, it is estimated […]

Maximising the Korea-Australia low emissions partnership By Lara Coleman, Research Intern Low emissions technologies have been at the forefront of global climate mitigation agendas, as countries attempt to reduce emissions while promoting economic growth. This is particularly true for Korea, which has emerged as a leader in low emissions technology manufacturing. Australia has strengths that […]

Green Building Blocks: Quad-South Korea Cooperation on Climate Infrastructure By James Bowen This chapter was written by Policy Fellow James Bowen as part of the German Marshall Fund’s policy paper, ‘Building a Quad-South Korea Partnership for Climate Action‘, published in July 2022. Climate change and infrastructure demand are two of the most pressing, and highly interrelated, global challenges. Advanced […]


Enhancing Clean Energy Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific By James Bowen The following commentary by Policy Fellow James Bowen was originally published on 23 June 2022 by the National Bureau of Asian Research. Ensuring a rapid global transition to clean energy systems is the overriding priority of international climate action. Cross-border cooperation in this space is critical, yet it […]

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