India Economic Strategy Refresh with Patricia Smith Wednesday 25 June 2024 The Perth USAsia Centre is pleased to host a roundtable discussion with Patricia Smith, Assistant Secretary India Branch at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Ms Smith is in Perth for consultations to take forward ‘A New Roadmap for Australia’s Economic Relationship with India’, […]

What India’s defence reforms mean for Australia — and India This article by Kim Heriot-Darragh was originally published in The Strategist on Thursday 4 April 2024. Image: PradeepGaurs via Shutterstock India’s military is likely to establish several new joint commands this year in one of the most significant restructures in its history. The country is […]

Second, all the countries in attendance were worried about critical and emerging technologies – about the destabilising potential of Artificial Intelligence, mis- and dis-information and cyber warfare, and the challenges of developing renewable energy technologies at a global scale.   China was not present but loomed large in all of these conversations. Speakers worried about China’s […]

Australia shouldn’t lose sight of the Indian army By Kim Heriot-Darragh This article was originally published in The Strategist by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute on 31 January 2024. In the public discussion on Australia’s defence relationship with India, Army-to-Army cooperation gets short shrift. That’s understandable, with maritime issues at the heart of both countries’ […]

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Why is Australia opening a High Commission in the Maldives? By Selam Kumlachew, Research Intern The Maldives plays a critical yet overlooked role in the Indo-Pacific. As a small island nation just south of India’s coastline, the country of just over a half a million people is uniquely challenged by increased competition between India and […]

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