Australia shouldn’t lose sight of the Indian army By Kim Heriot-Darragh This article was originally published in The Strategist by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute on 31 January 2024. In the public discussion on Australia’s defence relationship with India, Army-to-Army cooperation gets short shrift. That’s understandable, with maritime issues at the heart of both countries’ […]

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Why is Australia opening a High Commission in the Maldives? By Selam Kumlachew, Research Intern The Maldives plays a critical yet overlooked role in the Indo-Pacific. As a small island nation just south of India’s coastline, the country of just over a half a million people is uniquely challenged by increased competition between India and […]

Beyond Delhi: Australia India Collaboration in METS The Indian state of West Bengal is ideally positioned in the country’s north-eastern region, which has been recognised as a unique geostrategic location for Australian engagement. The new Australian consulate in Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, will facilitate and enhance Australia’s trade and investment interests in the […]

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