Gallery Biography Mr Spencer was the 76th Secretary of the US Navy, sworn into office in August 2017 and served until November 2019. Through his appointment his career came full circle having served in the US Marine Corps following his university graduation where he proudly served as an H-46 (Phrog) pilot until 1981. After leaving […]

Exploring Quad+ cooperation By Dr Pia Dannhauer The Quad is a diplomatic network of four countries – Australia, India, Japan, and the United States – committed to supporting an open, stable, and prosperous Indo-Pacific. The Quad mechanism is not a formal alliance. Nonetheless, it allows its members to shape their strategic environment – and to […]

The View from Australia: Strategic Competition in the Indian Ocean By Dr Kate O’Shaughnessy That the Indo-Pacific region is facing unprecedented strategic uncertainty is now a core tenet of Australian foreign policy.  Mostly, Australian policy makers’ attention has been on the places where those uncertainties (code for Chinese military build-up and opaque lending) are being […]

Research Director Dr Kate O’Shaughnessy facilitated a fireside chat between Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong and her Indian counterpart Dr S Jaishankar. Concurrently, First Nations Foreign Policy Fellow Sarah Leary moderated a ministerial lunch focused on sharing First Nations knowledge and culture. The event was attended by approximately 35 heads of state, heads of […]

Biography Deputy Assistant Secretary Dr. Jung H. Pak is responsible within the US State Department for overseeing relations with Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. She also serves as the US Senior Official for the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). Prior to arriving at State, she was a senior fellow at the Brookings […]

Sarah Leary appointed as First Nations Foreign Policy Fellow The Perth USAsia Centre has appointed Sarah Leary as its First Nations Foreign Policy Fellow, thanks to a new initiative supported by the Government of Western Australia.  The position, funded through Invest and Trade WA, will elevate indigenous knowledge and perspectives, and the important role Western […]

Understanding trends in space activity and their impact on the Indo-Pacific By Renae Sayers When we look up to the sky and take a moment to breathe in the night, we see those pin-pricks of light dotting the dark, urging us to wonder. I used to wonder about which pin-pricks of light were far-off galaxies, […]

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