2023 Micro-credential

2023 Micro-credential



2023 micro-credential

Perth USAsia Centre CEO Gordon Flake

Course Coordinator Dr Lisa Cluett

Professor Gordon Flake and Dr Lisa Cluett

About the Course

This micro-credential is developed and delivered by the Perth USAsia Centre team. Participants will gain an understanding of the Indo-Pacific region and Australia's strategic relationships to Asia. Content covering topics including regionalism, geopolitics, economics, security and relations with key partners including USA, China, India, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam.

By completing the course, participants will:USAC-001.jpg

  • Understand Australia's contemporary strategic and economic role in the Indo-Pacific Region
  • Evaluate the key trends shaping the Indo-Pacific region and its future
  • Analyse the strategic and economic pathways for Australia to diversify its regional relationships.

Aimed at early- to mid-career professionals in Australia's business, government and education sectors seeking to upskill in knowledge relating to the Indo-Pacific. It is specifically useful for those moving into or advancing in roles that require Asia-related knowledge and are seeking career advancement and broader context.

Upon successful completion of this micro-credential, you'll receive:

  • Two PD Points
  • A Certificate of Achievement
  • A UWA Plus Professional Development Transcript, listing all successfully completed micro-credentials

Delivery mode:  OnlineUSAC-009.jpg

Course date:  4 September 2023

Applications close:  4 September 2023

Duration:  8 weeks

Total effort:  50 hours

  • 8 x sessions
    • 5.5 hours each made up of:
      • 1 hour lecture
      • 2 hours reading (reports, op eds, government papers)
      • 2 hours watching/listening (podcasts, media clips, webinar content, speeches)
  • 3 x webinars - 1 hour each
  • 3 x quizzes - 1 hour each

Academic lead:  Dr Lisa Cluett

Cost:  $330 including GST.

Critical information summary

Development of this course is supported by the WA State Government.


What You'll Learn

By completing the course, participants will:
  • How Australia operates in the Indo-Pacific, who the other key players are and how power dynamics play out
  • Why Australia is moving to diversify its international engagement and the opportunities for future growth
  • How our trade and security relationships work and how Australia engages in other emerging sectors.

why study this course?

This micro-credential offers a comprehensive overview of Australia's role on the international stage. Participants will gain a clear sense of how Australia does and should interact with international partners in areas of trade, security, energy, innovation and diplomacy.

By developing an understanding of Australia's relationships with countries across the Indo-Pacific, participants will be able to engage in the important discussions about our international partnerships that are taking place in businesses, government departments, educational institutions and the media.

who should study this course?

Aimed at early- to mid-career professionals in Australia's business, government and education sectors seeking to upskill in knowledge relating to the Indo-Pacific.

Recommended prior knowledge

  • General education is useful although no prior knowledge is assumed.

what's next after this course?

This micro-credential (2 PD Points) is stackable with other UWA Plus micro-credentials. Earning 6 PD Points gains credit for one unit when commencing an award course at UWA.


For more information, visit UWA Plus or complete the application form via the button below.

Development of the course is supported by the WA State Government.