Professor Gordon Flake In Conversation with Dr Premesha Saha On Friday 24 March 2023, Professor Gordon Flake caught up with Dr Premesha Saha. Based in India, Dr Saha is a fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, as well as an Indo-Pacific Fellow for the Perth USAsia Centre. In this video, they talk about priorities for the Australia-India relationship, the countries’ […]

Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Dr Kate O’Shaughnessy In the latest instalment of the In Conversation Series, Professor Gordon Flake catches up with Perth USAsia Centre Research Director Dr Kate O’Shaughnessy. Fluent in English, French and Bahasa Indonesian, Dr O’Shaughnessy holds a PhD in Indonesian History from the University of Western Australia. She and Gordon discuss […]

Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Rainier Haryanto In the latest instalment of the In Conversation Series, Professor Gordon Flake caught up with Perth USAsia Centre Indo-Pacific Fellow Rainier Haryanto, Advisor to the Minister of State-owned Enterprises and the Head of Strategic Delivery Unit of Ministry of State-owned Enterprises, Republic of Indonesia. Based in Indonesia, Rainier provides […]

Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Ho Thai Binh In the latest instalment of the In Conversation Series, Professor Gordon Flake catches up with Perth USAsia Centre Indo-Pacific Fellow, Ho Thai Binh. Based in Vietnam, Binh gives his on-the-ground perspective of Australia-Vietnam relations and describes his career trajectory working as a social entrepreneur in public health.

Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Dr Michael J. Green Professor Gordon Flake spoke with United States Studies Centre CEO, Dr. Michael J. Green, on Thursday 29 September. In their wide-ranging discussion, Dr Green – a world-renowned Indo-Pacific specialist – covered the Australia-America alliance, touched on what’s next on the agenda for Washington, DC, and highlighted the […]

Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha In light of India’s 75th anniversary of independence, Perth USAsia Centre Chief Executive Officer, Professor Gordon Flake, sat down with the former head of India’s Western Naval Command, Vice Admiral (Ret.) Shekhar Sinha, to gain his perspective on the next 75 years of Australia-India relations.

Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Natasha Jha Bhaskar Kick-starting the In Conversation Series in 2022, Professor Gordon Flake interviews Perth USAsia Centre Indo-Pacific Fellow and Newland Global Group General Manager, Natasha Jha Bhaskar. They discuss the changing dynamics of the Australia-India relationship and what the countries’ newly signed interim free trade agreement will mean moving forward.

Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Former Ambassador Mark Lippert CEO Professor Gordon Flake interviews The Honorable Mark Lippert, former US Ambassador to South Korea about the US-Korea relationship, his new role in popularising Korean baseball in the United States, and how each country’s leaders have responded to COVID-19.

Kyle Springer Interviews Dr Huong Le Thu Dr Huong Le Thu is a Senior Analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, known as ASPI. She focuses on Asian Regional Security, ASEAN, Defence Diplomacy, Vietnam, and China-Southeast Asia relations. Huong recently published an article with the Council on Foreign Relations Blog, Asia Unbound, in which she […]

Professor Gordon Flake Interviews Raydon Gates CEO Professor Gordon Flake interviews WA’s Defence Advocate Rear Admiral Raydon Gates AO, CSM, about defence in the COVID-19 world, how small businesses can become involved, and why Western Australia is uniquely positioned to support the country’s defence requirements.

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