US-China competition The US’ paramount concern remains its strategic competition with China. While recent geopolitical shifts, notably in Ukraine, have diverted attention momentarily, this has prompted the US to reflect upon recalibrating global priorities. Strategic deliberations extend to envisioning joint capabilities, notably in cyberspace, and the imperative of bolstering ally force posture concerning Taiwan. As […]

Vietnam – an emerging regional leader? By Dr Pia Dannhauer In April 2024, Vietnam convened the first-ever ASEAN Future Forum (AFF). The forum was intended to shape conversations about future challenges surrounding sustainable development and a people-centred region by bringing together diverse stakeholders from government to business. The AFF demonstrated strong intellectual leadership from Vietnam as ASEAN […]


The US-Australia alliance and critical minerals Australia is currently a leading supplier of the critical minerals needed for net zero goals.  In 2022 it produced 27 critical minerals, 15 of which ranked in the top five for global supply. Australia ranked number one in the world for economic resources of nickel, widely used in lithium-ion […]

The US’ shifting alliance structure These actions illustrate a growing trend of connecting mini-lateral partnerships into a broader network. Rahm Emanuel, the US ambassador to Japan, aptly noted that the US is transitioning from the current “hub-and-spokes” system to a “lattice-like architecture”, suggesting strategic adjustments are occurring amid evolving geopolitics.   The shift towards a lattice […]

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