Demography is destiny: Preparing Southeast Asia to become the Indo-Pacific’s growth centre By Gemma King Looking towards the future of the Indo-Pacific, demographic trends will be the driving force behind economic and social change. Unlike some other regional developments, the unique advantage of demographic data is that it allows us to pre-empt what the future […]

INDOPACOM: The heart of the US-Australia alliance in the middle of the Pacific Ocean By Gemma King Since the end of World War II, Australia’s strategic interests and alignment have shifted to incorporate new partners to keep up with changing geopolitical dynamics. But one notable relationship has remained steadfast through an era of evolving threats […]

Abe Shinzo: the ‘father’ of the Indo-Pacific By Gemma King As the international community mourns the loss of Japan’s longest standing Prime Minister, Abe Shinzo’s legacy as a norm entrepreneur in the Indo-Pacific will long be remembered. Abe made a significant contribution to the regional order by pioneering, developing and realising the Indo-Pacific concept.  Abe was […]

Gemma King Interviews Alisha Sulisto Perth USAsia Centre Research Officer, Gemma King, interviews Alisha Sulisto, an Indo-Pacific Fellow working with the Centre, to gain insight and analysis into Indonesia’s COVID-19 response and ongoing economic recovery. Their discussion also focussed on the Indonesian government’s handling of its vaccine programme, as well as the major logistical and […]

WA-ASEAN Trade & Investment Dialogue: Engaging and Reconnecting On 20 November, the final day of the 2020 WA-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue, Professor Flake was joined for a discussion with Dang Huong of Hopebox, Robbie Gaspar from the AIBC-WA, Jason Craig of CBH Group and Faudi Pitsuwan of Beanspire Coffee. The discussion commenced with a […]

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