Vietnam's Growing Role in the Region | Q&A With Cat Thao Nguyen

13 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Ahead of the hologram signing of the RCEP in Vietnam on Sunday and the 2020 WA-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue next week, Tammy Wayne-Elliot spoke with Cat Thao Nguyen to discuss Vietnam’s growing leadership position in the region.

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RCEP trade agreement shows Indo-Pacific leads the world on economic openness

11 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Despite the pandemic and protectionist headwinds battering the global economy, history is about to be made with the signing of the fifteen-member Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade agreement this weekend. 

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Australia Holds Breath For U.S. Election Results

02 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Australians may be focusing intently on the impact of US election outcome on our own nation, but we should be paying equal attention to how it will effect some of our nearest neighbours who we rely upon for trade and investment.

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Abe Shinzo: The ‘father’ of the Indo-Pacific

14 Sep 2020 By Gemma King

Abe Shinzo’s legacy as a norm entrepreneur in the Indo-Pacific will last beyond his resignation as Prime Minister of Japan. Abe made a significant contribution to the regional order by pioneering, developing and realising the Indo-Pacific concept.

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Book Review: Contest for the Indo-Pacific: Why China won’t map the future by Rory Medcalf

28 Aug 2020 By Jeffrey Wilson

Dr Jeffrey Wilson reviews a title written by Rory Medcalf, outlining the future of the Indo-Pacific. Rory Medcalf is a professor and Head of the National Security College at the Australian National University. The review was initally published in the Australian Defence Force's Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies.

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The Korean Peninsula in the Indo-Pacific in 2020

14 Aug 2020 By Hugo Seymour

The Perth USAsia Centre hosted Australia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Mr James Choi, for an online private dialogue on 13th August 2020.

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What have we learned from COVID-19’s impacts on Australia, India and Indonesia?

07 Aug 2020 By Hugo Seymour

The international public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally disrupted societies across the Indian Ocean region. Health systems have been stretched, economies have been hibernated, and social and family relationships have been strained to an extraordinary degree.

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Lessons from COVID-19 and the future of global health

06 Aug 2020 By Hugo Seymour

On 5th August, the Perth USAsia Centre hosted an online public discussion with one of Australia and the world’s leading health policy and pandemic experts, Jane Halton AO PSM.

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Australia and ASEAN’s Shared Recovery

21 Jul 2020 By Hugo Seymour

On the 21st July, the Perth USAsia Centre convened an online private dialogue with Australia’s most recent Ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Ms Jane Duke.

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