• Professor Gordon Flake

    Chief Executive Officer

    Gordon is the founding CEO of the Perth USAsia Centre. He is one of Australia’s leading authorities on the Indo-Pacific and specialises in Korea, having spent nearly three decades focused on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.

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  • Shelby Crookes

    Chief Operating Officer

    Shelby provides high-level strategic and operational leadership across the Centre's programming, research, events and partnerships.

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  • Dr Lisa Cluett

    External Relations Director

    Lisa joined the Centre in 2016 and provides leadership across communication, media, stakeholder outreach and engagement.

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  • Dr Kate O’Shaughnessy

    Research Director

    Kate leads the Centre’s research programs across the Indo-Pacific. She has 16 years’ experience with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and an academic background in Indonesian language and history.

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  • Tracy Baker

    Finance Manager

    Tracy manages the Centre's finances, budgeting, reporting and compliance.

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  • Aliah Bogdanich

    Digital Communications Officer

    Aliah is responsible for the Centre's digital platforms and content.

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  • James Bowen

    Policy Fellow

    James produces research and analysis on energy, climate, geoeconomics and broader processes of Indo-Pacific integration. He was a Non-Resident Research Fellow at the Centre from 2018 to 2020. 

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  • Emily Davies

    Program Coordinator

    Emily leads delivery of the Centre’s programs and provides support to the leadership team.

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  • Ryan Gibson

    Media and Communications Coordinator

    Ryan oversees the Centre’s external profile and is responsible for developing and coordinating marketing and promotional campaigns.

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  • Gemma King

    Research and Program Associate

    Gemma supports and contributes to the Centre’s research efforts through various programs and publications.

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  • Lisa Leitch

    Administrative Officer

    Lisa holds a Bachelor in Accounting and Business Law from Edith Cowan University and has worked at The University of Western Australia for over 22 years.

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  • Dr Huong Le Thu

    Principal Policy Fellow

    Based in Brisbane, Huong is a world-renowned expert on security and foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific, with a particular focus on Southeast Asia.

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  • Melinda Mounsey

    Outreach Officer

    Melinda is responsible for the Centre’s customer relationship management and reporting on stakeholder engagement.

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  • Madeleine Quy

    Digital Communications Officer

    Madeleine is responsible for the Centre's digital platforms and content.

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  • Therese Sanders

    Business Advisor

    Therese leads the Centre’s regulatory compliance, governance and performance measurement.

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  • Tegan Van Gramberg

    Stakeholder Relations Officer

    Tegan plans and coordinates the Centre’s stakeholder outreach and engagement activities.

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