Understanding Vietnam

Understanding Vietnam
By Kyle Springer and Dr Huong Le Thu on 28 May 2018

South-East Asia | International Relations

Following the recently signed Strategic Partnership between Australia and Vietnam in March 2018, Dr Huong Le Thu provides a timely exploration of the evolution of Australia-Vietnam relations while identifying the main issues in Vietnam's contemporary domestic and foreign policy. Dr Le Thu shines a light on the strategic thinking of Vietnam and identifies several trends to keep an eye out for in the coming years which will unfold in Vietnam.


  • Developing a research interest in Vietnam (3:28)
  • What is it like working in a think-tank? (5:15)
  • The difference between think-tank and academia (6:50)
  • The similarities and difference between China and Vietnam (13:14)
  • Leadership movements in Vietnam (17:11)
  • Discussing Vietnam’s domestic politics in public (18:40)
  • Understanding Vietnam’s anti-corruption campaign (20:30)
  • What to keep an eye out in Vietnamese domestic politics (22:50)
  • Shared strategic outlook between Australia and Vietnam (26:08)
  • Current issues Australia and Vietnam should work on (27:24)
  • Vietnam’s peace keeping efforts (28:40)
  • How Australia is viewed in Vietnam (29:25)
  • What is Vietnam’s strategy to manage China’s rise? (31:10)
  • Vietnam’s strategic thinking – “duality” (31:50)
  • Vietnam’s neighbourhood, rivalry and history (33:40)
  • Literature on Vietnam’s history (35:18)