South Korea At The Crossroads

South Korea At The Crossroads
By Kyle Springer and Scott Snyder on 09 May 2018

North-East Asia | Security

Scott Snyder, Council on Foreign Relations, returns to Perth to launch his most recent book "South Korea at the Crossroads: Autonomy and Alliance in an Era of Rival Powers" and to discuss the recent developments surrounding North Korea. He discusses the recent meeting between Kim Jong-un and President Xi Jingping, as well as the recent turning point in diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula between the US, South Korea and North Korea.


  • Kim Jong-un’s motive to talk with US President Donald Trump (2:45)
  • President Trump’s business approach to North Korea (4:00)
  • ‚ÄčKim Jong-un’s meeting with President Xi Jingping (5:15)
  • How do sanctions “bite” North Korea and Kim Jong-un? (9:18)
  • The corrosiveness of information penetration in North Korea (11:40)
  • South Koreans amidst a US-North Korean Grand Bargain (14:10)
  • The annual US-South Korean Military Exercises (15:25)
  • South Korea’s diversified foreign policy strategies – ASEAN, India, Europe (26:20)
  • What should everybody know about North Korea? (27:30)

This podcast was recorded on 4 April 2018 prior to the developments of the inter-Korean Summit