Police Corruption in Indonesia

Police Corruption in Indonesia
By Kyle Springer and Dr Jacqui Baker on 06 June 2018

South-East Asia | International Relations

Dr Jacqui Baker from Murdoch University explores widespread police corruption in Indonesia. The practice of police corruptions affects Indonesians every day. Despite recent efforts to address police corruption, the continuing cycle and complicity of corrupt practices remain strong and continue to pose challenges for necessary reform and change taking place in the near future.


  • What Indonesia was like two decades ago (1:00)
  • Work for the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor (5:08)
  • 2014 radio documentary on human rights violations in Indonesia (7:00)
  • Study on police activity in Indonesia (8:45)
  • Research on police shootings in Indonesia (10:05)
  • Solutions to the police issues in Indonesia (10:26)
  • The scope of police corruption in Indonesia. How and why it happens. (12:48)
  • Causes of corruption in Indonesia (15:38)
  • Why corruption continues in Indonesia (17:49)
  • Interactions between political actors and police. Implications of these relations (19:11)
  • The police-military conflict (21:35)
  • Jokowi and his administrations take on police corruption (23:47)
  • Indonesia's Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) (27:55)
  • How the KPK is perceived (30:00)
  • The KPK’s relationship with the police (30:49)
  • Police Chief of the Indonesian National Police, Tito Karnavian’s agenda and role (32:40)
  • The Indonesian public’s view of corruption (37:42)
  • How will corruption issues effect the political landscape with the upcoming election? (41:10)
  • Where will Indonesia and its corruption problems be in the next 15 years? (42:50)