Working as an intern to a US Senator on Capitol Hill

Working as an intern to a US Senator on Capitol Hill
By Hayley Channer and Dougal Robinson on 14 July 2021

United States | Indo-Pacific Politics

Insights into Washington D.C. politics  

What’s it like to work in the office of a U.S. Senator and potential Presidential candidate? How can we keep U.S. attention on the Indo-Pacific? In what areas can Australia shape U.S. policy towards our region? What has been Trump’s legacy for Australia-U.S. relations?  
Join Hayley Channer as she interviews Dougal Robinson for 15 Minutes in Canberra. Dougal reflects on his time working in a U.S. Congressional Office as a Research Fellow to Republican Senator, Marco Rubio, in the lead up to the 2016 Presidential Election. Dougal also provides analysis of the nature of Australia-U.S. bilateral relations in recent years and reflects on Australia’s foreign policy contribution to the region and to our U.S. ally. Dougal’s experience working as a DFAT Policy Officer and for think tanks, including the United States Studies Centre and Lowy Institute, informs his analysis and produces key insights for US watchers.   

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