Nukes In Our Backyard: Indo-Pacific Nuclear Security

Nukes In Our Backyard: Indo-Pacific Nuclear Security
By Kyle Springer and Madelyn Creedon on 28 September 2018

Indo-Pacific | Security

Madelyn Creedon is the 2018 Alliance 21 Fellow, established by the US Studies Centre, Perth USAsia Centre and the US Department of State. Prior to this, Madelyn served as the Principal Deputy Administrator of the US National Nuclear Security Administration working on nuclear and space policy issues. In this podcast, Madelyn explores her work in the US Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration, provides an overview of the role of international treaties in nuclear non-proliferation and an analysis on nuclear countries in the Indo-Pacific region.


  • The beginnings of a career in nuclear policy (1:40)
  • ​Working in the US Department of Energy (2:15)
  • Joining the Alliance 21 Fellowship (3:10)
  • Working in the National Nuclear Security Administration (3:52)
  • A typical day in the NNSA (4:42)
  • Where is the world today on nuclear non-proliferation? (5:40)
  • Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) Treaty and its role in nuclear non-proliferation (7:08)
  • The role of nuclear energy in a sustainable future (8:16)
  • Australia’s regional role in nuclear non-proliferation (8:48)
  • Thoughts on President Trump’s US Nuclear Posture Review (11:33)
  • The challenges faced by the US on implementing the US Nuclear Posture Review (13:15)
  • The nuclear threats in the Indo-Pacific region (14:15)
  • The North Korean nuclear situation (15:02)
  • An overview of China’s nuclear capabilities (17:10)
  • India and Pakistan’s frameworks to produce nuclear weapons (17:45)
  • The securitisation of the space frontier (18:28)