Learning to embrace career failures and disappointments

Learning to embrace career failures and disappointments
By Hayley Channer, Raoul Heinrichs and Lisa Sharland on 01 December 2021

Indo-Pacific | International Relations

Ever stuffed up horribly in a job interview? Been knocked back for your dream job? Had bad feedback on a project or a bad working relationship with a supervisor?

In this very special, extended episode of 15 Minutes in Canberra, hear from podcast host, Hayley Channer, plus two previous guests - Raoul Heinrichs and Lisa Sharland, as they talk intimately about personal career failures and professional disappointments.

We can learn so much from our failures, yet, established professionals are seldom asked about when things went wrong and how they bounced back.

This episode will make you feel better about every time you've ever put yourself out there professionally and fallen flat on your face. It will also give you candid insights into the dark arts of government selection criteria, what to expect from bulk recruitment rounds, and the importance of knowing your personal and professional limitations so you can be at your best at work.

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