What's it like to be a diplomat in Bangkok?

What's it like to be a diplomat in Bangkok?
By Hayley Channer and Susannah Patton on 14 April 2022

South-East Asia | International Relations

Joining the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can open a spectrum of opportunities, from working on trade negotiations, to engaging regional multilateral groups, to being posted overseas to work at an Australian Embassy. In this episode, host Hayley Channer is joined by Lowy Institute Research Fellow, Susannah Patton. Susannah is also the Project Director for the Lowy Institute's Power and Diplomacy Program and is a former Office of National Intelligence official.

Part 1: What's it like to be a diplomat in Bangkok?

In Part 1, Susannah discusses her career journey including working as a diplomat in Bangkok at a time of anti-government protests, military coup, terrorist attacks, and the death of Thailand’s King. 

Part 2: Asian power shifts and where Southeast Asia fits in

Australia has established a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with ASEAN and participated in the inaugural ASEAN-Australia summit in 2021. But despite our warming relations with Southeast Asia, there remain unresolved questions. In Part 2 of the episode, Hayley and Susannah consider how Australia can nurture its relationships with Southeast Asian countries and pursue an approach to China that is different from other countries' in the region.