Critical Minerals and the Australia-China Relationship

Wednesday 7 August 2024

The Perth USAsia Centre will host a business briefing with Dr Benjamin Herscovitch and Dr Darren Lim from the School of Regulation and Global Governance, and the School of Politics and International Relations, at the Australian National University.
While the Australian Government has sought to stabilise the relationship with China, critical minerals are a sensitive topic. Australia – and Western Australia especially – accounts for huge global supplies of these minerals, but China dominates global processing.  The scale and scope of its monopoly on this vital sector presents significant economic and security challenges for Australia and partners across the Indo-Pacific.
How can Australia navigate its relationship with China on this sensitive, strategically important issue?  What are the security imperatives driving Australia’s approach to Chinese investments in critical minerals?  How will it affect Australian industry? And how will US-China competition affect Australia’s ambitions to become a critical minerals hub and green energy superpower?
We’ll be joined by two of Australia’s leading China analysts, Dr Herscovitch and Dr Lim, to unpick these complex questions at a special industry briefing and Q&A, delivered in partnership with the Chamber of Minerals and Energy, with support from the National Foundation for Australia-China Relations.
Please note, this discussion is by invitation only and will be held under Chatham House Rule.


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