Indo-Pacific Energy Program

Indo-Pacific Energy Program
A State of Energy: Strategic, Commercial and Innovation Drivers in Western Australia -

A State of Energy: Strategic, Commercial and Innovation Drivers in Western Australia

The "WA Energy Map" project has been undertaken to show the energy potential for Western Australia and, for the first time, bring together different energy strands which too often work in isolation. It is a collaboration between The University of Western Australia, Perth USAsia Centre and Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA who are each involved in different parts of the energy sector. As part of the research, the collaborators considered the connection between local and international markets; legacy infrastructure; consumption patterns and future developments. This report is designed to support energy decision makers in a government, academia and business. With the right policies, investment climate and innovation, Western Australia has the potential to become an energy giant.

China's Grand Strategy and Energy: Markets, Infrastructure and Global Ambitions -

China's Grand Strategy and Energy: Markets, Infrastructure and Global Ambitions

As China secures international sources of energy and its economic and security concerns expand, it will devise energy security policies which safeguard its interests. There are four major trends stemming from China’s future energy security policies. First, unless there is a major shock, China will continue to utilise increasing volumes of imported energy. Second, as its economy transitions and expectations in coastal urban centres evolve, a key priority of Beijing will be to reduce the pollution and negative impact of intensive energy use and heavy industry. Third, energy security will be a key consideration of the national leadership, even if it clashes with other priorities. Fourth, energy infrastructure has a life measured in decades and, once deployed, will influence future energy decisions.

The Transformation of ASEAN -

The Transformation of ASEAN

This paper focuses on the transformation of ASEAN and how the region perceives its own energy security. The transformation is premised on sustained growth and increasing economic productivity, both of which are not guaranteed.Key to the region’s future are the changes occurring within the largest member, Indonesia, and its ambitious plans to expand its energy sector. Other issues which will be prominent in shaping the future include: integration of energy networks, investment flows for energy infrastructure and technology deployment; managing energy subsidies; the nuclear option;maritime security and geopolitical forces.

WA Energy Maps -

WA Energy Maps

The Western Australian Energy Map is a series of maps and infographics that draw on a specifically designed database, as well as interviews with the electricity, oil and gas, academic and geo-political sectors, to consolidate information in a format that invites fresh insight and critical engagement.


Indo-Pacific Energy program

The Indo-Pacific region is undergoing a rapid transformation, particularly in terms of energy requirements and consumption patterns.  Accordingly, questions regarding the security of energy supplies are increasingly being raised alongside conventional national security concerns by national governments. Policy responses to these pressing issues are broadly categorised as measures to safeguard “energy security” which can clash with normal market dynamics. As energy markets tighten, these measures can increasingly be seen to influence geopolitics, in many cases accentuating existing tensions, or redefining the parameters of standing relationships.  

The Indo-Pacific Energy program is directed by Andrew Pickford and brings together energy sector leaders from across the region for a series of roundtables and joint publications, with the aim of creating a better understanding of the relationship between market and security concerns. The program aims to capitalise on Western Australia’s unique position as a key player within regional energy markets to create a forum for in-depth policy discussions and associated research reports. At present, the Energy program is supported by research intern Michael Wieteska, who is a recent Masters graduate from Curtin University.