Trade and Investment


Why West Java is a hub for foreign investment

17 Mar 2021 By Kyle Springer, Ryan Gibson

After a private roundtable discussion with Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java, Perth USAsia Centre Senior Analyst Kyle Springer provides a series of brief observations on the current landscape in Indonesia’s most populated province and explains why it leads the country in its ability to attract foreign investment.

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WA-ASEAN Dialogue 2020: A Shared Economic Recovery

04 Dec 2020 By Gemma King

Western Australia is poised to develop closer economic ties with its Southeast Asian neighbours. On 16-20 November, the Perth USAsia Centre was pleased to deliver the 3rd annual WA-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue in partnership with the Western Australian Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation (JTSI).

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Vietnam's Growing Role in the Region | Q&A With Cat Thao Nguyen

13 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Ahead of the hologram signing of the RCEP in Vietnam on Sunday and the 2020 WA-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue next week, Tammy Wayne-Elliot spoke with Cat Thao Nguyen to discuss Vietnam’s growing leadership position in the region.

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RCEP trade agreement shows Indo-Pacific leads the world on economic openness

11 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Despite the pandemic and protectionist headwinds battering the global economy, history is about to be made with the signing of the fifteen-member Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade agreement this weekend. 

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Australia Holds Breath For U.S. Election Results

02 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Australians may be focusing intently on the impact of US election outcome on our own nation, but we should be paying equal attention to how it will effect some of our nearest neighbours who we rely upon for trade and investment.

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Australia-India Partnership Key to Economic Recovery

30 Oct 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

As the signing via hologram of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) approaches, one country looms large – India. Not for their involvement, but for their importance as a vital trade partner for all parties signing the agreement.

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China Trade War Turns to Cotton

16 Oct 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

China’s strategy of threatening Australia with trade sanctions is no longer working, based on government and industry response to a recent threat against the cotton industry, according to one of Australia’s leading trade experts, and Research Director at the Perth USAsia Centre, Dr Jeffrey Wilson.

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Is India’s Push for Self-Reliance Sensible in a Post COVID-19 World?

09 Sep 2020 By Dr Priya Chacko, Tammy Wayne-Elliot

As the border wars between China and India continues to rage, now may be the time for India to look inward, developing a level of self-reliance not yet seen in the country, as well as discovering trade opportunities with like-minded countries recovering from COVID, including Australia.

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In Conversation with Redza Shahid

08 Sep 2020 By Emily Davies

Redza Shahid is the CEO and Co-founder of Grub Cycle and was part of the ‘millennial future of Southeast Asia’ panel at the 2019 WA-ASEAN Trade and Investment Dialogue. He caught up with us again recently.

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