China Trade War Turns to Cotton

16 Oct 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

China’s strategy of threatening Australia with trade sanctions is no longer working, based on government and industry response to a recent threat against the cotton industry, according to one of Australia’s leading trade experts, and Research Director at the Perth USAsia Centre, Dr Jeffrey Wilson.

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Is India’s Push for Self-Reliance Sensible in a Post COVID-19 World?

09 Sep 2020 By Dr Priya Chacko, Tammy Wayne-Elliot

As the border wars between China and India continues to rage, now may be the time for India to look inward, developing a level of self-reliance not yet seen in the country, as well as discovering trade opportunities with like-minded countries recovering from COVID, including Australia.

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Growing seeds into fruit: Developing our farm trade links today, for our prosperity tomorrow

02 Sep 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Australia’s farm sector is being punished by the Chinese Government. As diplomatic relations between Australia and China have deteriorated, China has weaponised trade links and imposed punitive sanctions against Australian agricultural exports.

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Book Review: Contest for the Indo-Pacific: Why China won’t map the future by Rory Medcalf

28 Aug 2020 By Jeffrey Wilson

Dr Jeffrey Wilson reviews a title written by Rory Medcalf, outlining the future of the Indo-Pacific. Rory Medcalf is a professor and Head of the National Security College at the Australian National University. The review was initally published in the Australian Defence Force's Journal of Defence and Strategic Studies.

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China Continues to Charge

18 Aug 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Australia may face yet more China trade risks if a Chinese anti-dumping probe into wine leads to trade sanctions, according to Perth USAsia Centre Research Director Dr Jeffrey Wilson.

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The changing nature of cyber threats

29 Jul 2020 By Danielle Cave

On 10 August, the Perth USAsia Centre will host Danielle Cave from ASPI’s International Cyber Policy Centre for an in conversation with our Board member Professor Stephen Smith, former Australia Minister of Defence to talk about how this rapidly changing landscape is impacting everything from spycraft to government cyber strategies to the future of cyberspace.

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Australia and China in an uncertain world

07 Jul 2020 By Jeffrey Wilson

The Perth USAsia Centre convened a Chatham House Rule discussion with Australia’s Ambassador to China, Graham Fletcher, on 7th July. This invite-only private discussion enabled the Perth USAsia Centre and key stakeholders to discuss with Mr Fletcher recent developments in the vitally important relationship.

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An update on Hong Kong as new security laws loom

17 Jun 2020 By Hayley Shiel-Rood

As the threat of COVID-19 appears to recede, protesters are once again returning to the streets of Hong Kong. In recent weeks, the Chinese Congress has announced and carried new security laws intended to combat secessionist rebellion within the city. The laws were met with mass protest, and to many Hong Kongers they signal the end of ‘One Country, Two Systems’.

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Rory Medcalf: Managing Risks of Strategic Competition in the 21st Century Indo-Pacific

16 Apr 2020 By Gemma King

On Wednesday 8 April 2020, the Perth USAsia Centre hosted Professor Rory Medcalf, Head of National Security College at the Australian National University for a private virtual roundtable to discuss his new book, Contest for the Indo-Pacific: Why China Won’t Map the Future.

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