Humanising denuclearisation: Australia’s position on North Korea

14 Mar 2019 By Cheyeanne Henderson-Watkins

Despite multiple high level meetings between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, little has been done to curb the rampant abuse taking place within the previous Hermit Kingdom’s borders.

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China’s growing Latin America ties also matter for Australia

12 Mar 2019 By Erin Watson-Lynn

When China’s increasing links to Latin America are discussed, Australia might not be the first country that comes to mind. But for Australian policy makers, Beijing’s push into Latin America matters. Australia must do more itself to strengthen its otherwise nascent relationships with the region, especially as China works to fill the vacuum left by the United States’ absence in the region.

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Calibrating a U.S. infrastructure strategy for the Indo-Pacific  

06 Mar 2019 By Jeffrey Wilson

Cross-border infrastructure is the next frontier for the economic integration of the Indo-Pacific. As liberalisation has driven down regulatory barriers to trade and investment, today it is physical linkages – the road, rail, shipping, energy, and telecommunications connection between economies – which are the principal challenge for regional integration.

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Are we ready for Indo-Pacific 2.0?

05 Mar 2019 By Dr Dino Patti Djalal

2019 is poised to be a critical year for the “Indo-Pacific”. This is the year where ASEAN will attempt to form a common position on the Indo-Pacific, and before that, there will also be an EAS Foreign Ministers Conference in Jakarta in March. There is now a new push to advance the concept to the next level.

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Vietnam's past offers lessons for North Korea's future as Kim and Trump arrive for summit

05 Mar 2019 By Kyle Springer

If a model exists for how a small country with few friends and a crumbling economy can reintegrate itself with the international community, it is Vietnam.

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Indonesia Crucial to WA’s Future Prosperity

05 Mar 2019 By Professor Stephen Smith

By 2050, most predictions see China, India, the US and Indonesia as the top four economies. To ensure our prosperity does not suffer, we must grow our trade and investment with India and Indonesia. Success with only two out of the top four will not be enough.   

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Vietnam: The answer to WA’s search for a new business partner in Asia!

27 Feb 2019 By Kyle Springer

Opportunities exist within Vietnam for WA business interested in manufacturing, exporting agriculture products, and providing services to a country with a population three times the size of Australia. The advantages under the Trans-Pacific Partnership are there for WA’s taking.

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Western Australia - Viet Nam Economic Relations: The Time Is Now

14 Feb 2019 By Phung The Long

Given Viet Nam’s goal of becoming a fundamentally industrialised economy by 2030 and its prospective high growth rate, there are many potential opportunities for trade and investment cooperation between Viet Nam and WA – in the resources sector, in agribusiness and advanced manufacturing, in education, healthcare, professional and technical services.

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In Conversation: Gemma Manning, Gemstar Technology

07 Feb 2019 By Gordon Flake, Gemma Manning

On 5 February 2019, Professor Gordon Flake, CEO of the Perth USAsia Centre, facilitated an event hosted by Gemstar which provided advice to WA businesses about entering the ASEAN Market.

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