In Conversation with Jo Elfving-Hwang

26 Aug 2020 By Lisa Cluett

Jo Elfving-Hwang has established the Centre for Korean Studies at UWA. She sat down with our team to talk about the program.

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China Continues to Charge

18 Aug 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Australia may face yet more China trade risks if a Chinese anti-dumping probe into wine leads to trade sanctions, according to Perth USAsia Centre Research Director Dr Jeffrey Wilson.

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The Korean Peninsula in the Indo-Pacific in 2020

14 Aug 2020 By Hugo Seymour

The Perth USAsia Centre hosted Australia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Mr James Choi, for an online private dialogue on 13th August 2020.

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Australia’s Economic Diversification Imperative

13 Aug 2020 By Hugo Seymour

Australia’s imperative in needing to diversify its trade and investment relationships – as a matter of national priority and urgency - has been thrown into sharp relief in 2020.

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Australia’s Cyber Security Challenges

11 Aug 2020 By Hugo Seymour

On 10th August 2020, the Perth USAsia Centre convened a distinguished live and online “In Conversation” event on Australia’s most pressing cyber security challenges, featuring two of Australia’s eminent cyber security experts.

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Opportunities for Vietnam in Australia's new supply chain

10 Aug 2020 By VnExpress

As Australia intensifies diversification of partners when global supply chains are mixed, opportunities may come to Vietnam.

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What have we learned from COVID-19’s impacts on Australia, India and Indonesia?

07 Aug 2020 By Hugo Seymour

The international public health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally disrupted societies across the Indian Ocean region. Health systems have been stretched, economies have been hibernated, and social and family relationships have been strained to an extraordinary degree.

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Lessons from COVID-19 and the future of global health

06 Aug 2020 By Hugo Seymour

On 5th August, the Perth USAsia Centre hosted an online public discussion with one of Australia and the world’s leading health policy and pandemic experts, Jane Halton AO PSM.

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2020 US Election Blog Series: Edition 4

04 Aug 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

The US Election Blog Series continues with the timeline through to October this year. COVID-19 continues to impact both the election timeline and campaign plans.

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