RCEP trade agreement shows Indo-Pacific leads the world on economic openness

11 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Despite the pandemic and protectionist headwinds battering the global economy, history is about to be made with the signing of the fifteen-member Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade agreement this weekend. 

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New President Elect Will See ASEAN Partnership Rejuvenated

09 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

The Biden Administration will pave the way for a stronger alliance between the United States and Australia, as well as the wider Indo-Pacific region which includes ASEAN

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Australia Holds Breath For U.S. Election Results

02 Nov 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Australians may be focusing intently on the impact of US election outcome on our own nation, but we should be paying equal attention to how it will effect some of our nearest neighbours who we rely upon for trade and investment.

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Australia-India Partnership Key to Economic Recovery

30 Oct 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

As the signing via hologram of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) approaches, one country looms large – India. Not for their involvement, but for their importance as a vital trade partner for all parties signing the agreement.

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Perth USAsia Centre welcomes UWA Vice Chancellor, Professor Amit Chakma

20 Oct 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

The Perth USAsia Centre welcomed The University of Western Australia’s (UWA) Vice Chancellor Amit Chakma and the international education landscape, with discussions taking place under Chatham House Rule. 

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China Trade War Turns to Cotton

16 Oct 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

China’s strategy of threatening Australia with trade sanctions is no longer working, based on government and industry response to a recent threat against the cotton industry, according to one of Australia’s leading trade experts, and Research Director at the Perth USAsia Centre, Dr Jeffrey Wilson.

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Launch of AJI Publication – Australia, Japan and India – A Trilateral Coalition in the Indo-Pacific

07 Oct 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

On 29 September 2020, the Perth USAsia Centre hosted a public event to launch our most recent publication: Australia, Japan and India: A Trilateral Coalition in the Indo-Pacific?

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Australia, Japan and India - guiding principles

29 Sep 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

For Australia, Japan and India, the Indo-Pacific is more than just a new geographic map of the region. It also reflects a shared set of outlooks regarding how regional politics and institutions should be organised.

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WA Looks to Vietnam On Road to Recovery

16 Sep 2020 By Tammy Wayne-Elliot

Perth USAsia Centre has welcomed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State of Western Australia and the Province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau, a province within one of Vietnam’s most dynamic economic zones, the Ho Chi Minh City metropolitan area, with a population of 22 million people.

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