Vietnam’s Regional Leadership

02 Sep 2020
Vietnam’s Regional Leadership
On 1st September the Perth USAsia Centre hosted Australia’s Ambassador to Vietnam, Ms Robyn Mudie, for an invite-only Chatham House Rule discussion. Ambassador Mudie shared her insights into Vietnam’s successful fight against COVID-19, its leadership as the 2020 chair of ASEAN, its non-permanent membership of the UN Security Council, and the next steps for the bilateral Australia-Vietnam partnership.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the Indo-Pacific region and has transformed itself into a regional leader. Since the end of the Vietnam War, Australian foreign policy has supported Vietnam’s integration into the international community. That engagement has continued and today both countries enjoy a wide range of cooperation mechanisms, from their Strategic Partnership signed in 2018, to their shared membership in regional economic architecture such as AANZFTA, CPTPP, and RCEP.
In an era of great power competition and COVID-19, it is crucial Australia furthers its understanding of what the nation can achieve with Vietnam to help shape the future of the Indo-Pacific region.


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