The Korean Peninsula in the Indo-Pacific in 2020

14 Aug 2020
The Korean Peninsula in the Indo-Pacific in 2020
The Perth USAsia Centre hosted Australia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Mr James Choi, for an online private dialogue on 13th August 2020.
Australia and the Republic of Korea (ROK, also South Korea), share a strong economic and strategic relationship. The ROK is one of Australia’s top trade and investment partners, and both countries are security Allies with the US.
Recently, the Perth USAsia Centre co-interviewed former ROK Trade Minister Bark Taeho - to garner his perspectives on the most pressing trade and security challenges facing both nations.
In this Ambassador’s Dialogue, Ambassador Choi discussed South Korea’s “path out” of COVID-19, Australia-ROK relations both bilaterally and in the Indo-Pacific region, and South Korea’s thinking on US-China relations.
As non-resident Ambassador to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Ambassador Choi also provided an update on developments in North Korea.


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