Perth USAsia Centre Chimes in on Global Conversation

Perth USAsia Centre Chimes in on Global Conversation
Last week, our Research Director, Dr Jeffrey Wilson was called upon by media throughout the country and some international agencies to offer expertise and insight following China’s move to stop importing barley from Australia, and their ceasing of imports from four Australian abattoirs

Dr Jeffrey Wilson has said Australia now finds itself in a full-blown trade war - its first in decades - with its largest trade partner.
It is no longer tenable or credible for WA business leaders to make arguments that China is the economic future for the state.

Listed below are links to appearances and commentary delivered by Dr Wilson over the past week to media throughout Australia and internationally.
  1. Jeffrey Wilson (2020), ‘The Australia-China trade war: Vale the grand bargain’China Story, 18   May.
  2. ABC Landline (2020), Interview on rural news regarding Australia-China trade war, 17 May.
  3. South China Morning Post (2020), ‘
    As China’s beef with Australia hits its economy, will Canberra be cowed?’, 16 May.
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  12. Interview on 6PR Radio regarding Australia-China barley dispute, 13 May 2020.
  13.  Daily Telegraph (2020), ‘Maybe They’ll Ban Australian bats’, 13 May.
  14. Daily Mail Australia (2020), ‘China demands 'mutual respect' from Australia as war of words threatens to boil over into a full-blown trade war’, 13 May.
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  30. Interview on ABC Radio National regarding Australia-China barley trade dispute, 11 May 2020.


Jeffrey Wilson
Jeffrey Wilson
Research Director
Dr Jeffrey Wilson is the Research Director at the Perth USAsia Centre. He provides leadership and strategic direction in developing the Centre’s research program across its publications, policy and dialogue activities.
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Tammy Wayne-Elliot
Tammy Wayne-Elliot
Senior Media and PR Advisor
Tammy Wayne-Elliot is the Senior PR and Media Advisor for the Perth USAsia Centre. She is responsible for public relations, media liaison and marketing and oversees the Centre's external profile.
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